Common Problems with Wi-Fi Printers

The most likely reason you may have a problem when you first buy a wireless printer is that you can’t get it to connect to you wireless network. This is usually a very straightforward process but if for some reason it doesn’t work as intended then it can be a little tricky to diagnose. The most common issue is that you have entered the wrong wireless security key. This will have been configured when you first got your wireless router. If you were lucky it may have come pre-configured, if this is the case then you may find the key printed on the bottom of the router. So if you have problems make sure you are entering the correct key.

A less common but still possible problem can be caused by selecting the wrong wireless network completely. When you are setting up the wireless printer you will be asked to pick a Wi-Fi network to connect to, if you are lucky yours will be the only one listed, however if you have lots of neighbours with their own wireless network they may appear in the list too. Make sure you have picked the correct one.

Something to think about when buying a Wi-Fi printer is to make sure it is able to connect to the type of wireless network you are running, their are different standards for Wi-Fi and also different security protocols. Don’t worry though if that sounds too complicated, you should find that unless your wireless router is really old it will work with any new Wi-Fi printer.

If all else fails when you are setting up your new printer just pick up the phone. That’s right pick up the phone and call that friend of a friend or distant relative who works in IT. People who work all day with IT love nothing more than spending their free time helping out people they never normally speak to for free. It is just another perk of the job. No, really.

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