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Epson Stylus SX515W All-in-One

This is one of the most popular wifi printers as it is packed full of features but also very competitively priced. It is an all-in-one wifi printer which means you can not only print but also scan and even photocopy. The other really nice feature of this printer is a 6.3cm LCD screen for viewing images from memory cards inserted in the in-built memory card slots. It then lets you print images directly from the memory card, a great time saving feature and a really quick way to print your images.

As well as offering Wi-Fi connectivity you can also use the Epson Stylus SX515W with an Ethernet cable meaning that you can hook it up to your wired network if you have one. This is a feature not often found in printers at this price. This wifi printer uses separate ink colour cartridges, this means that you will save money by not having to throw away ink just because you have run out of one colour. The high-speed printing engine allows you to print up to 36 pages per minute.

Epson sx515 wifi printer

Canon Pixma MP495 WiFi

The Canon Pixma MP495 WiFi printer is a small and stylish printer which gives you everything you would need in your home or small office and allows you to print, scan and copy documents very quickly. The Power cable and USB port are recessed into the machine making it easy to store as you can easily have the wifi printer pushed up against a wall etc to save space. Should you wish to print photos from this printer you can get a borderless quality 6 x 4 inch photo in only 41 seconds and you can even print directly from your camera. It has a fast built in wifi system which means that numerous people can print to this machine from anywhere in your home or office. If you wan’t a small, neat and well priced WiFi printer you won’t be disappointed with this Canon.
Canon PIXMA MP495

Kodak ESP5250 Wifi

The Kodak ESP2350 is a great all round WiFi printer which includes a copier and scanner as well as the printer. It has brilliant print speeds of 30 ppm black text, 29 ppm colour text making this an ideal printer for a busy individual or small office. If you want to print photos this is a great printer to use as it has a high resolution of 9,600 dpi meaning that you will get high quality photos which will last a lifetime in as little as 29 seconds to print a 4×6 photo. You dont even have to use your PC to print as it comes with a memory slot meaning that you can put your memory card straight into the machine and use the 6.1cm LCD screen to look at and edit your documents before you print. You can also scan and copy at the touch of a button without the need for a PC. This is a great printer whether you wish to use it at home or in a small office it has everything you need.
Kodak ESP5250 Wifi

Epson Stylus SX525WD

This all in one Wi-Fi printer is the ideal printer for home and office use, it is small and lightweight weighing only 6kgs. It boasts a 6.3 cm LCD screen which allows you to consider pictures and documents before copying and also allows you to enhance the quality of photos with its built in software. You can even print directly from a memory card as this Wifi printer comes with a built in memory card slot. This means you can just pop your memory card or stick into the machine and print directly from there rather than having to open the documents or photo on your computer and then set it to print. This printer uses individual inks which can help save you money as you only need to replace the colour which has been used rather than the whole lot, which you have to do with some other printers. A great all round printer for your printing, copying and scanning needs.
Epson Stylus SX525WD

HP Officejet Pro 8500A

The HP Officejet Pro 8500A wifi printer is great for the home or small business. It has a 6.1cm touch screen which enables you to print directly from the internet at the touch of a button. You don’t even have to be at home or in the office to print to this machine you can do it directly from your mobile phone, laptop, mobile device or any other email enabled device. That makes this a great printer if you need a document printing quickly without having to log on to your computer. This printer allows you to scan, copy or fax double sided documents with a document feeder which holds a staggering 50 sheets of paper meaning that you can copy, scan or fax very large documents with ease. It has an output tray which holds 250 sheets of paper meaning you wont have to fill the machine every five minutes which will be very useful for busy individuals and small businesses.
HP Officejet Pro 8500A

Kodak ESP Office 6150

This Kodak Office ESP6150 covers all your home and office needs in one. It includes a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine in one neat package and stylish package it is to with a size of H42.7, W44.5, D23.5cm. You can print documents quickly and efficiently with speeds of 32ppm for black text and 30ppm for colour text making this a great machine for people needing to print large documents very quickly. It has a 1200 x 4800 dpi print resolution and holds up to 200 sheets of paper so you dont have to fill up as often. It uses two ink cartridges one for colour and one black, these are pigmant inks rather than dye to give you clearer more stunning photos and documents. If you want to print photos from this printer and have an I Phone you can even print directly from that, and with a copier which allows you to reduce your original up to 20% and enlarge it by up to 500% you couldnt ask for more from this wifi printer.
Kodak ESP Office 6150

Samsung CLP-325W Laser

If you want a Laser WiFi printer which just prints without all the complicated scanning and copying facilities the Samsung CLP-325W is the printer for you. This WiFi printer is very compact (15.3 x 12.3 x 9.6inch) laser printer which offers resolutions of 2400 x 600 dpi. Each black toner cartridge can print a staggering 1,500 standard pages and the colour toner prints 1000 standard pages so its great value for money. This printer is very quiet when printing and when your not using it immediately you can set it to sleep mode which will save electricity whilst not in use. The Samsung CLP-325W WiFi printer has a great feature in that at the push of a button you can instantly print everything on your computer screen and if you hold down that button for two seconds it will automatically print the last thing that was on your screen. A great printer which is small, stylish and economical.
Samsung CLP-325W

Canon Pixma MG6150 All-in-One

This Canon Pixma MG6150 WiFi printer is very simple to use which makes it an ideal printer for home and office use. All of the controls are on the lid of the printer and it uses touch rather than press which means that it is more sensitive to your touch and therefore easier to use. Also depending on what you want to do only the relevant keys which you require will be illuminated making it even simpler to use.

This Wifi Printer uses individual ink cartridges which means you only need to replace the cartridges which you use rather than having to changing the full colour cartridge which you have to do with a lot of printers. This means less waste and saves you money in the long run. It contains a grey ink which means that there is more gradation when you are printing in colour as well as in black and white. It prints a 6×4 inch photo in only 20 seconds with a 9600 x 2400 dpi print resolution meaning that this printer gives you great photo prints. You can print photos directly from a digital camera, memory stuck, multimedia card, SD card or USB port making this very versatile and easy to use. You can even make photo prints from your movies using the easy photoprint software which allows you to select a frame from your movie and print it. This printer offers a reduce and enlarging function when copying documents and also does double sides printing.

The scanner on this WiFi printer has a 4800dpi optical resolution which means that this printer offers you high quality scanning. The scanner automatically recognises what is being scanned for example a photo and saves it in the most appropriate way and all you have to do is start it scanning. The copier lets you copy 99 sheets at a time. This printer has a 2 way paper feed which means that you can load different types of paper at the same time it holds up to 150 sheets in each tray in A4, A5, B5 and letter sizes and it is also possible to print directly onto compatible DVD’s and the like using the direct disc print tray.

Canon Pixma MG6150

HP Deskjet 3050 Wireless All-in-One

This is a very nice and compact WiFi printer that offers a lot for a very low price. One feature of this printer, which you wouldn’t normally expect from a printer of this price is borderless photo printing. It also allows you to make copies without even switching on your computer.

This HP wifi printer holds 60 sheets of paper at a time and has a print speed of 20 pages per minute for black text and 16 pages per minute for colour text with a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch. It is a very compact and lightweight printer weighing just 3.6kgs. This wifi printer is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X v 10.5 or v 10.6. It has integrated wireless meaning that you can print from anywhere in your home from any PC.

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable wifi all-in-one printer you won’t go far wrong with this HP.

HP Deskjet 3050

Canon PIXMA MX340 Wifi All-in-One

The Canon PIXMA MX340 WiFi printer meets all of your home and office needs in one, providing the functions of a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine. It allows a number of computers to connect to the printer. You can fax, scan or copy large documents with an automatic document feeder which holds 30 sheets and also allows you to print images directly from a camera. The printer facility offers A4 print speeds of 8.4 ppm for black text and 4.8ppm for colour text and you can print out a borderless 10 x 15cm photo print in just 43 seconds. Canon say you can get photo lab quality borderless 6×4 photo prints. It has a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi and has a paper capacity of 100 sheets.

The scanning facility allows you to scan in documents with an optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi and can be saved as a compact PDF to enable you to email or store the documents whilst taking up less memory. The copier facility of this wifi printer allows you to do double sided copying without the need to turn over the pages. The faxing facility allows you to store incoming faxes on to the internal memory and you can then save them on to a USB straight from the machine.

When you consider all the functions of this device it hard to believe the price. You won’t find many printers in this price range that can offer faxing. Overall this is an excellent printer that is packed full of features.

Canon PIXMA MX340

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Dell V305W Wireless All-in-One

The Dell V305W Wireless all in one colour printer is a wifi printer which meets all your printing, scanning and copying needs in one device. It is compatible with windows 2000 and later although it not compatible with Mac operating systems. It is wifi enabled but can also be connected by a USB cable. This Dell wifi printer weighs a lightweight 5.7kg and is 17.6cm high 45cm wide and 32.5cm deep.

The printing facility of this wifi printer has a speed of 30 pages per minute (ppm) for black text and 27 ppm for colour text with a print resolution of up to 1200 x 4800 dots per inch (dpi). The machine holds 100 sheets of paper at a time and uses two ink cartridges. The scanning facility has an optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. The copier has a reduce and enlarge function to enable you to get exactly what you want from your copying. All in all it is a nice device that offers lots of functions for a reasonable price.

Dell V305w all-in-one

Wifi Printers Explained

In basic terms a wifi printer is just like a regular printer but rather than needing a USB cable it works wirelessly. This makes them ideal for situations were you would like to share a printer between a number of computers around your home. It becomes even more useful if you have a laptop because you aren’t always going to be using it in the same place. This means you would ordinarily have to plug your laptop into your printer every time you wanted to use it. This isn’t the case with a Wifi printer, with a wifi printer you can print from anywhere in your home and from as far away as you can receive the signal from your wireless router.

Most wifi printers work by connecting to your existing wifi network. If you use a laptop without a cable then you will already have a wifi network set-up. Some wifi printers work by creating a direct connection between the computer and the printer, these don’t offer as much flexibility though. It is usually a very easy task to configure you wireless printer. With most printers you first have to connect it to your computer with a USB cable. This is just for the configuration stage though, you will soon be printing without wires. You are often guided through the configuration process by the means of a wizard. You have to tell the printer your Wifi security key and of course you also have to select your own wireless network for it to connect to.

Benefits of WiFi Printers

A wireless printer is very easy to share between multiple computers. It doesn’t need wires so you can set it up and connect it to your wireless network. At this point you can then access the printer from any computer connected to the network. Sometimes you will need special software to convince your computer it is a local printer. This depends on manufacturer though and it is often just a case of installing the driver and entering the IP address of the printer. Some models are only able to connect to on computer at a time, this is something to look out for but isn’t a problem with most newer wifi printers.

The most obvious benefit of a printer without wires (well just a power cable) is the lack of wires itself! That may sound like it doesn’t make sense but just think about when and where you do your printing. If you have a laptop you aren’t always in the same location when you decide you need to print something, you could be in your home office, in your living room or even out in the garden. With a traditional printer you would need to dig out the USB cable and go and stand near the printer while you did your printing. With a wireless printer you can send as many documents as you like from wherever you are (as long as you are still in range of the wireless network) and then go and collect them from the printer whenever you are ready.

A wireless printer also offers more flexibility in terms of location, all it needs is a space big enough to fit it in and a power socket. Most normal printers really have to be on a desk so you can sit down and have somewhere to put your laptop or desktop computer while you do your printing. So if you are short on space a wireless printer would be ideal as you can put it just about anywhere.

Common Problems with Wi-Fi Printers

The most likely reason you may have a problem when you first buy a wireless printer is that you can’t get it to connect to you wireless network. This is usually a very straightforward process but if for some reason it doesn’t work as intended then it can be a little tricky to diagnose. The most common issue is that you have entered the wrong wireless security key. This will have been configured when you first got your wireless router. If you were lucky it may have come pre-configured, if this is the case then you may find the key printed on the bottom of the router. So if you have problems make sure you are entering the correct key.

A less common but still possible problem can be caused by selecting the wrong wireless network completely. When you are setting up the wireless printer you will be asked to pick a Wi-Fi network to connect to, if you are lucky yours will be the only one listed, however if you have lots of neighbours with their own wireless network they may appear in the list too. Make sure you have picked the correct one.

Something to think about when buying a Wi-Fi printer is to make sure it is able to connect to the type of wireless network you are running, their are different standards for Wi-Fi and also different security protocols. Don’t worry though if that sounds too complicated, you should find that unless your wireless router is really old it will work with any new Wi-Fi printer.

If all else fails when you are setting up your new printer just pick up the phone. That’s right pick up the phone and call that friend of a friend or distant relative who works in IT. People who work all day with IT love nothing more than spending their free time helping out people they never normally speak to for free. It is just another perk of the job. No, really.